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Saving Shiloh (Salvando a Shiloh) 2006, USA
Géneros:   Drama

A year after saving Shiloh from his former owner, Judd, (Marty Preston) finds feelings in the town are still against his neighbor, despite the fact Judd seems to be trying to mend his ways. Although he is still hunting, an activity Marty is firmly against, Judd no longer drives drunk or threatens to take Shiloh. For the first time, Marty feels truly safe with his dog. That all changes when Marty and his friend Samantha find an abandoned truck in the woods. At school the next day, rumors are flying. Apparently, the truck belonged to a man with whom Judd had a fight. Many believe Judd killed him. Marty is reluctant to buy into the rumors, but his friend, David, is anxious to prove Judd is guilty.As a continuation of the previous films, ┬┤Saving Shiloh┬┤ is a strong conclusion to the story begun in the original Shiloh film.

Director: Sandy Tung
Ann Dowd
Boonie Bartlett
Gerald Mcraney
Jason Dolley
Jordan Garrett
Kyle Chavarria
Scott Wilson
Taylor Momsen

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