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A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan (A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan) 1996, USA
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There was only one Stevie Ray Vaughan. Picks in hand, these virtuoso guitarists dedicated one night to pay tribute to his prodigious talent. Blues masters who influenced Vaughan, such as B. B. King and Buddy Guy, and contemporary masters like Eric Clapton and Robert Cray, crowd the stage with other performers including Bonnie Raitt and Vaughan´s brother, Jimmie. Together and alone, these rockers cover some of the black-hatted axman´s finest tunes and honor him with extended jams that echo his own signature style. The immensely talented friends of the late blues guitar legend (who was tragically killed in a plane crash) give a rousing tribute concert to Stevie Ray Vaughan as each one climbs the stage and adds his power chords to the group. From earthy country-rock musician Bonnie Raitt to equally great blues master B.B. King to "Slowhand" himself, Eric Clapton, this all-star cast is a testament to the influence that Vaughan had during his short but brilliant life. Songs include "Six Strings Down," " Cold Shot," "Pride And Joy," and "Telephone Song." The concert was recorded on May 11, 1995 in Austin, Texas. The various musicians perform the following songs: "Pride and Joy" (Bonnie Raitt) "Texas Flood" (Jimmie Vaughan) "Telephone Song" (B. B. King) "Long Way From Home" (Buddy Guy) "Ain´t Gone ´N Give Up On Your Love" (Eric Clapton) "Love Struck Baby" (Robert Cray) "Cold Shot" (Dr. John) "Six Strings Down" (jam session) "Tick Tock" (jam session) "SRV Shuffle" (jam session) Additional production credits: Mark Proct (Executive Producer) and Jean Carbain (Design Assistant).

Director: Gary Menotti

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