Enjoying Guilty Pleasures (2003, USA )   (50 Bs.) (Precio de promoción)
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Enjoying Guilty Pleasures (Enjoying Guilty Pleasures) 2003, USA
Géneros:   XXX

From the Actor Sinclair Intimacy Institute is the world leader in relationship-oriented videos for adults with a library of over 50 titles. Working with internationally recognized sexuality educators and marriage therapists, Sinclair Institute´s video products teach couples how to communicate better about sex and to build healthier, intimate relationships. Their videos are high quality, non-clinical and entertaining presentations designed to provide accurate information in an appealing and empowering format. The Better Sex Video Series (As Seen on TV) has sold over 4 million copies worldwide. Product Description A delightfully erotic sampler of "kinky" sex acts that are actually healthy, imaginative and fun. Renowned experts Dr. Herb Samuels and Louise Andre-Saulnier address myths about S&M, "taboo" subjects like anal eroticism, and the guilt often associated with some "forbidden" fantasies. Learn firsthand how expanding the limits of lovemaking can be a hot and wholesome way to enhance trust within a committed relationship. In explicit sexual encounters, real couples demonstrate a variety of taboo treats that add spice to their sexual lives. Couples experiment with oral sex, essential rules for acting out exotic fantasies and even role-play ménage a trois using adult toys. Indulge your pleasures and feel guilty no more! With sex, just as with food, some cravings are simply irresistible. Anticipation and experimentation are often times the most irresistible aphrodisiacs. Lovers are shown how they can strengthen the bond of love and trust, as well as increase sexual pleasure & lovemaking skills.

Director: _No Disponible
Louise-Andree Saulnier
Ph.D. Dr. Herb Samuels

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