Blu-ray - Hustler - This Ain't Avatar - XXX - This is a (USA - 2010)   (30 Bs.) (Precio de promoción)
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Blu-ray - Hustler - This Ain't Avatar - XXX - This is a (Blu-ray - Hustler - This Ain't Avatar - XXX - This is a Parody - Blu-ray - ) USA - 2010
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This comes as no surprise for anyone I guess, a popular company in the adult industry like Hustler releasing an Avatar parody movie for adult audience called “This Ain’t Avatar XXX 3D”. With the big success of the original Avatar movie it is no wonder that a lot of people started wanting and talking about Avatar porn (blue humanoid aliens having sex?!), even at a specific time the keyword “avatar porn” was among the most searched in Google. So following the big demand, the content follows. It is an interesting fact that the production is apparently quite expensive for a Porn movie and a parody and was actually shot using a 3D camera rig instead of being a 2D to 3D conversion.

Director: _No Disponible

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